Tuesday, April 14, 2015

22 months old!

We had a busy day and around dinnertime I realized I hadn't taken your birthday pictures.  

We changed your clothes and you hopped in your chair for a very short photo session.  Despite your lack of adequate sleep the past few days, you were in a very cooperative and silly mood.

I'm too tired to write much tonight, so I'm just going to post some unedited pictures of your 22-month-old cuteness instead!

Drink break.

Inspecting the camera lens.

Look at that BELLY - and this was BEFORE dinner!

You are speaking more clearly each day, trying hard to enunciate so we can better understand you.  Earlier this week you demanded that I video you again saying your letters and numbers (and then lost interest soon after I began recording).  It shows what a difference a month makes in your speaking ability.  And for the record, you have been choosing your OWN outfits lately!

Happy 22-Month Birthday, Carter Maxwell.
We love you more each day!



Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Letter Boy

Since Carter has already started saying his letters and numbers differently than when he started, I thought I should capture the cute way he says them at 20 months old.  I love that he has no idea he's saying most of them wrong.

Here's a link if it doesn't load: